My name is Sophia, & this is my personal blog!
You'll find posts here about my daily life with my husband Mike, and our daughter, Aubrey Fay! I also like to talk about cosmetics, post outfit photos, and discuss new products. I carry my camera everywhere with me, and love posting the images and video's on this blog!.
Although I am an extremely shy person, I really do love being able to share our lives with you all.

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we are, so very pretty in pink.
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  • Some color for the house. ♥

    Some color for the house. ♥

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  • Anonymous asked: Your daughter is going to become a real heartbreaker when she's older! She's so gorgeous!

    These boys or girls better watch out! She’ll be breaking hearts & taking names! Lols,

    No worries. :) I’ll be teaching her all about hearts, and how fragile they can be. &Thank you! 

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  • Anonymous asked: how long are you in belgium for?

    At least another three years. We’ll hit our 1 year mark here next month!

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    We were able to get to Ikea yesterday! We bought a nice rug to put in the living-room for Aubrey to crawl on, and some storage space for her toys and whatnot. :) I like the way things are kind of coming together!

  • Blog is under a bit of construction.  :)

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  • Anonymous asked: Do you die your hair?

    I recently lightened the ends for a mild ombre effect, but that’s the most I’ve done to it in a really long time.


  • Anonymous asked: Are you okay on mike's career? I mean it is not hard to deal with? Oh! uhmm is he being deployed? (Hope not :3)

    His work schedule is somewhat stressful on us, but it’s not bad at all. & He has an extremely small chance of ever being deployed, although he says he wouldn’t mind if he was. 


  • Anonymous asked: Omg watch what you give her to eat !!! She is SO fat x.x

    She is chubby, and she is also at a perfectly healthy weight for her age and size. & Also, I don’t believe in calling people fat. Fat is stored on a persons body, it is not what a person is. My daughter is beautiful, intelligent, spunky, cuddly, sweet and my perfect little sweet heart. & Most importantly, she isn’t an anonymous face on the internet spreading unprovoked negativity. ♥

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