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I had my ultrasound this morning!
17 weeks and 2 days pregnant. The first time seeing the baby and it was so overwhelming! I could hardly even believe that the baby showing up on the screen was actually in my belly. The technician went through and showed us all of the body parts and explained everything to us. The baby is wonderful! The spine looks amazing, there is no cleft palate, a strong heart beat, all the organs are there and there are two hands and two feet! Oh and there is only one baby! (*Wipes sweat from brow while letting out a sigh of relief.*)

It was an awesome visit! & to make it even better they supplied me with a bag of goodies and all kinds of reading material. AND all the ladies at the office thought my hand crocheted boot cuffs were adorable so they all offered to pay me to make some and bring them in for them on my next appointment date. I’ve got some serious crocheting to do! 

And now, what so many of you have been wanting to know!.
& yes, Mike and I both cried our eyes out when she announced the sex of the baby to us. ♥ 

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